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Taking a Blogging Break

You probably figured that out already though.

I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been so busy building and farming, but that’s not the case. I’ve just been tired, tired to the bone as they say. I’ve been tired for a long time but it’s been getting worse the last few months and the heat makes me wilt like a cut flower. Then, I started feeling weak and shaky and decided I’d better get myself to the doctor for some blood tests. Turns out, I have hyperthyroidism. As the PA said when she called, my numbers were off the charts. Well, no wonder I didn’t feel good! I need to see an endocrinologist next week and then decide a course of action.

In the meantime, I’m drinking kale and spinach smoothies three times a day to try to lower the amount of hormone the thyroid produces and hopefully reduce some of the symptoms.

In front of the watermelon, it looks pretty good, and I can almost drink the whole glass before my tongue refuses to taste anymore. It kind of smells like fresh cut grass. I’ve never eaten grass, so I’m not sure how the taste compares. A few more days of this and I’ll be mooing with the cows next door.

How’s the Weather?

It rained yesterday! At least drops of water hit the ground but they dried instantly. My mother would say that it rained a foot – every drop was a foot apart. But it’s the first moisture we’ve had in weeks, so it’s worth noting. The best part is that it was overcast all morning, which made for a cooler day. It rained sprinkled on and off for about an hour, and between the drops, it was often misty. I’ll take it. But after the sun came out, it quickly became hot and muggy. The evening news weatherman said the high was 92° and with 52% humidity, it felt like 103°. I’d rather not take that.

Today, a local Wunderground station says it is already 96° and shouldn’t get much higher.  But the heat index (shown here as FEELS LIKE) may be a lot higher.

I worked in the garage yesterday and it felt hot even with the door open. Usually, we get a decent breeze but not yesterday. I took apart a sink table that hasn’t seen much use, and built a dutch oven table out of the pieces. By late afternoon, I was so hot and sweaty that I could barely hold on to the hammer. Finally, when I was just about finished, I walked around the corner of the trailer and saw that the two big windows were closed. No wonder it was so hot in there all day! Hubby thought we might get a heavy rain so had closed them before he left for work. I opened them, which didn’t help much with the heat that had built up in the garage, but it did come in handy later.

After dinner, I started cleaning up my mess, and the mess that the cat made with his cat food, and eventually Hubby went in to take a shower and go to bed. I finished up and took the cat carrier outside to empty it and the door shut behind me. You have to know this door to fully appreciate that sentence. The door isn’t the problem, but the door knob is a problem. It’s the kind that doesn’t really unlock when the inside knob is turned. The button in the middle doesn’t pop out unless it is turned and then the door knob is turned twice. I bought a new door knob but it wouldn’t fit. Hubby said we have to have a whole new door, and that just hasn’t made it to the critical to do list. I had unlocked the door earlier and had been in and out all day. But someone locked it before he went to bed, and I didn’t notice until I turned around to come back in.

Good grief! Now I had to pound on the door until Hubby heard me. But there were two things working against me: Hubby’s hearing isn’t very good, and the air conditioner in the trailer was on. If you’ve ever been in a travel trailer with the a/c on, you know how hard it is to hear over it. I had turned it up to 85 while I was working in the garage, so I knew it wasn’t going to shut off for a long time and Hubby obviously didn’t hear me pounding. So I picked up a stick and went around to the two, big windows and started pounding on them. They are only a few feet from the trailer’s bedroom window which would make it easier for Hubby to hear. I pounded and pounded and FINALLY, I heard the trailer door open, so I shouted, “Unlock the door and let me in!” and then the trailer door shut.

Even though Hubby doesn’t usually mind walking on the dirty garage floor, I thought he might have gone inside to find some shoes; I walked back to the demon door and waited. And slapped mosquitoes. And waited. And waited. Finally, I started pounding on that door again and when he still didn’t come, I went back to the window and pounded on it. Then I heard the trailer door open again and Hubby shouted, “Where are you?”

To which I replied, “I’m outside, I need you to unlock the door!” And I went back to the door just as he opened it.

“What are you doing out there?” he wanted to know as I picked up the cat carrier and brought it back inside.

“Locked out, and I was just about to break a window to get back in. Why didn’t you unlock the door the first time you came out/” I wanted to know.

“I thought you were on the other side of the trailer hammering on something.”

“I was hammering on something – the window! Why you didn’t call out or come around to find out? You didn’t hear me yell through the window to unlock the door?” I was indignant.

We have got to get a new door. And soon. It is way too hot to be locked outside.

Six Sentence Story June 21

The cue word today is polish. Or maybe it is Polish.

I studied the polish on my nails before I gave a reply.

“No,” I said slowly, searching for the right words, “happiness is not hard to find.”

“You just have to work on it as much as you do cost anaylsis or playing games on your phone.”

Allison shrugged, “I don’t want to work at it, I just want it to be there when I want it, like an automatic teller machine.”

I smiled and shook my head, “I think you just need to recognize happiness when it happens to you, like right now with your new manicure.”

She looked at her nails with the sparkly crescent on each one and looked at me in surprise, “You’re right, that did make me happy and I didn’t even realize it!”

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The Original Six Sentence Story for June 14

I am not posting this on my regular blog. This is the story that Hubby told me was too dark. It is. I think I’ve become desensitized and I don’t even watch much on tv anymore except reruns from the ’60s.

Jake Andrews came to with the acrid smell of gunpowder in the air, staring into the unseeing eyes of the convenience store clerk lying on the floor beside him.

The last thing he remembered was walking into the store, intent on buying lottery tickets with the two twenties he had clipped to his inside pocket – he had felt lucky today.

Excruciating pain in his chest made it hard to breathe and blood soaked his shirt and jacket; Jake wondered if he was alone in the store when he heard a gunshot and the sound of the cash register drawer opening followed by the sound of several people running.

A chime sounded as the front door opened, and the sound of high heels clicking on tile; he started to call out for help when he heard a scream suddenly stifled and the sound of something heavy, probably a body, hitting the floor.

The sound of running faded and yet no one came to investigate; Jake strained to lift his head and crawl to the door, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

When he came to again, the paramedics told Jake how lucky he was that the bullet meant for his heart had deflected off the money clip in his pocket and only torn a gash across his chest; he watched grimly as the three body bags were placed in the coroner’s van and hoped he never felt lucky again.


Six Sentence Story June 14

Thank you Girlie on the Edge for the warm welcome. I have always enjoyed this kind of writing; it reminds me of Weekly Readers in grade school that had a sentence starter like “It was a dark and stormy night…” If there is a way to comment on your blog, I haven’t been able to find it, so let me just comment here that your Six last week was so touching.

Last week and this week, when I saw the cue word, a story instantly played out in my mind. A couple of hours ago, I asked Hubby read the one I wrote for this week and he finally said, “Gee, that’s kind of dark isn’t it, especially for you?” And yes, it was. In light of that, and not wanting to offend anyone, I have been trying to come up with something else. Nothing really clicked with me, but running short of time, this is what I finally settled on.


Jealous Bellus

Cassie was thrilled when her husband gave her a little ball of fluff named Corkie the Yorkie; her cat, Bellas, was not thrilled and watched from atop the refrigerator as Corkie was petted and pampered.

A stuffed, brown monkey with floppy arms and legs soon became Corkie’s favorite toy; a spotted giraffe with squeakers was a close second, but one day neither could be found.

That afternoon, she heard Corkie barking hysterically in the kitchen; Cassie called but Corkie didn’t come and when she went into the kitchen to investigate, she saw Corkie barking at Bellas who was sleeping on top of the refrigerator.

The offending puppy was thoroughly scolded and put into her crate and the mistreated cat was petted and given some treats to make up for being disturbed.

The next day, Cassie heard Corkie barking again in the kitchen and she ran angrily toward the sound; when she rushed around the corner, Corkie was standing on her hind legs with her front legs pawing the refrigerator while the stuffed monkey dangled over the top edge in Bellas’ mouth.

Bellas froze when she saw Cassie, and then dropped the monkey to the excited dog on the floor; Cassie cleared her throat menacingly and Bellas dropped her head and nudged the giraffe over the edge too and walked meekly to her crate.

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Kids Tractor Pull

At the tractor pull we went to a couple of weeks ago, there was a kids event as well. These tractors ran on kid power. There were two pedal tractors for the smaller children and a pedal go cart for the bigger ones, and like the big event, they had to pull a weighted sled as far as they could. I just love this little boy. He put everything he had into it.

This boy and girl didn’t get very far but they had big crowd support.

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Six Sentence Story

After seeing this on MessyMimi’s Meanderings, I’ve decided to give the Six Sentence Story a try.

The rain was pounding on the old metal barn roof, dripping through holes to the fresh straw below where a heifer was struggling to give birth for the first time.

Each contraction wrung a moaning bellow from the heifer followed by heavy panting, and I could do nothing but watch and wait.

Finally, two tiny hooves appeared and then disappeared, causing both heifer and man to groan; when the hooves appeared again, I caught them and pulled gently, guiding the calf into his new world.

Another push and a bellow and I had to dodge the flailing hooves of the heifer as she tried to get traction; suddenly, the calf was born and lying motionless in the hay.

The cow rose to her feet and I backed out of the way; she began licking life into her calf who gave a squeaky mewl and rose shakily to his feet and bumped his head along his mother’s flank until he found warm milk.

It was past midnight as I trudged wearily through the rain to the welcoming glow of light from the kitchen window; I pulled off my boots, shed my coat, and sank into a chair as my wife put a cup of steaming coffee in my hand and listened as I told her about our fine, new bull-calf.

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