Friday Funnies: Taking Cute Photos of Cats in Bluebonnets – It’s Just Hard

I took these pictures in April, but since I didn’t get the shot I wanted, I never did anything with them.  Today, I took a photo that gave these a purpose.

After years of buying bluebonnet plants and seeds, I finally have a decent sized bluebonnet patch. And since I no longer have kids at home, I decided to take a picture of the cat in the bluebonnets. One of those cute photos where he is up to his neck sitting in the bluebonnets and looking at the camera with an adorable look on his face.

Kids are easy. “Look at momma. Smile at momma’s funny noises.” Click.
Dogs are easy. “Sit. Stay.” Click. But cats, cats are just hard.

I put him in the middle of the flowers. “Stay there sweet boy. Look at me,” I crooned. He ignored me and walked over to investigate something in the flowers.

I put him back in the flowers again and ran over to my spot. He ran with me.

Once again, I put him in the center, and backed away telling him not to move. He was more interested in a nearby grasshopper. “Kitty cat, hey kitty kitty.” He totally ignored me. I made mouse noises, or at least the only mouse noise I’ve ever heard – the sound of a mouse right after the trap snaps shut as seen on cartoons. Still no response. Eventually, he chased the grasshopper out of the bluebonnets.

I picked him up again and he made a whining growl that let me know he was getting tired of this. I put him back in the center, in a spot that had become fairly trampled, and tried to lift the smashed bluebonnets on my way out. “Stay!” “No! Don’t move!” I snarled through clenched teeth. He wandered over to me, not once looking directly at me and the camera.

So I gave up.

Then, today I was feeding him in an old plastic tub, and realized I could finally get a picture of him in the blubonnets.  It wasn’t adorable, or even cute, until he got the tub stuck on his face. But of course, I had already turned my back on him by then.

Next year, I’m going to borrow a cute kid for an adorable photo in my bluebonnet patch.


I Never Thought I’d Celebrate a Day Without Rain

I heard on the news just now that we have only had three days in the last month without a drop of rain. I’m not sure that’s right, unless he meant over the entire North Texas area. In any case, we didn’t get a drop of rain yesterday, the sun is out today, and I am grateful, even if it is a sauna outside. We are expecting more storms tonight so this afternoon I will have to kick myself out of this air conditioned house to mow the yard, or as much of it as I can mow without going through swampland.

And since this blog post seems a little bare, a picture of my new lawn mower. (insert half-hearted yay here.)

Happy Rainy Memorial Day

Another day of rain ahead of us, but there are supposed to be a couple of hours of clear sky so I thought I’d make the most of them and try to dig in this mud. But first, a few pictures of the crinum which have enjoyed all the rain like a kid sinking both bare feet into the mud and squishing the mud between their toes.  So much so that they are blooming earlier than last year. The leaves show the scars of a couple of hail beatings, but the blooms look nice.  We should all be so resilient.

On the other hand, the vegetable garden is drowning. Until today, the corn was standing upright, but the wind, combined with saturated soil, laid them on the ground. We haven’t been able to get into the garden in over a month.

We bought a new rain gauge and put it next to the deck so we can actually get to it after a rain.  It rained and drizzled Saturday morning but then cleared enough for Hubby to put it up around 2pm.  He checked it Sunday around the same time and we had gotten 3.6 inches of rain.

It rained most of the afternoon today, and now is down to a sprinkle so I slipped a plastic bag over the camera and went out to take another photo. This is the same view about 12 hours later than the above photo and after another inch of rain (actually a little over an inch). If it ever dries out, we are going to add some soil to the garden so we won’t have to deal with this again.

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Fort Worth YWCA

We recently went to a wedding at the YWCA in Fort Worth. When we got the invitation, I thought of our local YMCA and figured the wedding would be held in the gym. Not so. I don’t think there was even a gym in the building. The wedding was in a large room downstairs, and the reception in an even larger room upstairs.

And once again I am in awe of bloggers and other people who always have their good camera with them at times like this. Instead, I will show you my blurry phone photos.

The restored elevator.

The wedding room.

I love the stenciled ceiling.