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Bio: I am an avid do-it-yourself-er. I'm also an artist, gardener, bibliophile, baseball fanatic, wife, and mother with an insatiable curiosity. I'd like to think I am a Renaissance woman. My passion is home remodeling and we are currently working on our sixth home. Being a SAHM was important to me, so the budget in the beginning was tight. Very tight. But I leaped out of my comfort zone and learned to sew curtains, paint, refinish, and faux finish. With each house there were more challenges and less money. Being the son of a home builder, Hubby knew how to do a lot of things and the three of us once built a house from the ground up. I'm glad we did it, but I don't want to ever do that much again. I'd rather remodel an ugly duckling, which is what we are doing now. In the last ten years, I branched out and took up quilting and woodworking, and now I'm learning to fit and sew clothing for myself. I refuse to utter the words "I can't do that" unless it's totally foolhardy. And even then.....

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One thought on “About

  1. You’re a winner! My son pulled your name out for the “grow your blog” giveaway over on !
    Can you please send me your address – so I get it to you!

    Thanks for visiting my Blog!
    I hope you like the prize!


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